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4 Benefits of Solar Panels for your Property

Over the years, the adoption of solar panels for powering residential and commercial buildings have rather grown year on year in the UK with the solar capacity in the UK increasing from 5,488.6 MW in 2014 to 13,259 MV in 2019 according to Greenmatch.

Solar panels produce electricity by converting light from the sun. The use of solar panels varies for several applications such as remote power systems for cabins, telecommunications equipment, remote sensing, and most prominently, for the production of electricity by residential and commercial solar electric systems.

There are several benefits of using solar panels, however, we will look at some of the more prominent benefits of using solar panels as an alternative for your residential and commercial electrical system.

1) Favourable Impact on the environment

Compared to other sources of electricity, energy from solar panels affect the environment negatively the least. With recent calls and increasing alarms about the effect of climate change, the use of solar panels for a residential and commercial electric system may be a valid and reasonable choice. Power generated from solar panels is entirely clean and produces no air pollution or greenhouse effects which can negatively affect the environment and lead to global warming.

2) Reduce energy bills

Solar panels at the initial instance may seem to need a large initial investment but they have been noted to be worth it cost-wise in the long run. Using solar panels will mean not having to rely on the grid, which translates to having a reduced energy bill. With inflation biting and the cost of power increasing, making a choice to use solar panels instead, which require a relatively high initial cost and little maintenance, may seem to be the best choice.

With trade body Energy UK warning that gas and electricity could rise up to 50% by spring and Ofgem announcing a 54% hike in energy price cap according to Nationalworld, it is a little wonder why people may prefer the use of solar panels. To encourage more families to use solar panels, the UK government, through the spring statement, announced the reduction of VAT on energy-saving materials such as solar panels from 5% to zero for five years.

3) Increase re-sale values of residential building

Contrary to public perception, residential homes with solar panels have been known to increase the resale value than decrease it. According to Zillow, solar panels can potentially increase the value of a home by 4.1% compared to homes without solar panels.

4) Solar energy is widely available

Solar panels trap energy from the sun, which is widely available around all corners. For people in remote regions with limited sources of energy, the use of panels may be the best option given that the sun is widely available unlike having to connect to a grid line. Also, due to the fact that the sun is widely available, the risk of having a blackout, as is most times experienced with a centralised grid, is eliminated. With solar panels, users may never have to worry during the usual blackouts that plague centralised grids.

From the above, it is crystal clear that the benefits of solar panels are quite relevant in today’s issues of soaring global inflation and global warming. One need not wonder why it is a top option when it comes to choosing an electric system. It requires an initial investment, little or negligible maintenance and in return, offers an increase in resale values of residential buildings. The use of solar panels as an electric system seems to be the future, especially given the insuperable benefits it offers.


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