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Tech Review: Top 4 apps for Landlords

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Top 4 apps for landlords

We’ve approached a new decade for landlords and what better way to start it, then to look at the apps that will help you to succeed in the property industry.

rentr app


If you are a DIY landlord who does not use agents, then you should potentially look for an app that can provide professional services and technology for you and your tenants.

Rentr will give you as a landlord the possibility to manage the end to end property management process from within the app. First and foremost, you will be able to advertise your property on its platform as well as others such as Rightmove, Zoopla.

When it comes time to arrange viewings, propose terms and sign contracts with tenants, all this can be handled in house. It also has features enabled to send rent reminders and report maintenance issues that can be published so that you can assign a contractor to complete the work.

Available on:


  • Free

dulux app

Delux Visualiser

Are you a hands-on landlord who likes doing your own home renovation and maintenance?

Delux visualiser will help you save time and money by simulating the look and feel of the paint job to help you recognise whether the colour will suit your setting. The visual virtual reality will allow you to select from a catalogue of paint colours to check what works best before going out of your way and into your pockets buying it.

Available on:


  • Free

sortly app


Inventory management is typically one of the most expensive expenditures you spend per tenant. Sortly allows you to capture photos of the property, fixture and fittings all on your phone.

The user interface is designed so that you can flick through the inventory based on the photos as opposed to words from a spreadsheet. QR codes can be linked to the items to allow you to uniquely search and find the information in the database. Notes can also be added to provide additional information on the condition.

The app will give you a healthy reminder of what you have in your possession and what state you last left it. If the information needs to be exported and sent to a third party, this is something that can also be done from the app.

Available on:


  • Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

canopy app


Tenant passports is a new concept that has developed over the last couple of years and will continue to grow in 2020. If well adopted they will become for landlords, what credit checks are for banks.

Canopy aims to make it cheaper, faster, and easier to rent a home by connecting landlords to reliable and well-vetted tenants. As part of the vetting process, the Canopy team will gather from the tenant previous landlord references as well as employer reference and ultimately their credit score that will help ascertain whether this is the right tenant to take on.

Available on:


  • Free

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