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Normette Homes meets Elimu

Last month, Normette Homes was excited to take part in an Instagram Live conversation with Elimu International.

Elimu is a social enterprise aimed at empowering young people through mentorship, skill-sharing, and socio-economic opportunities.

"We have built a community of leaders from a variety of industries who are united by one purpose: empowering our youth. These volunteers are giving back by teaching young people the lessons that they have learned on their journeys to success."

Normette's CEO, Joshua Ebanks, is an active member of the Elimu mentor community and was invited to speak about the property world as part of their conversation on property investing.

Hosted by economics graduate, Fabio Micolo, the IG Live was focused on providing young people with an interest in property, the opportunity to hear what it takes to get involved in the industry.

Once the tech glitches were ironed out, the conversation got started. For property novices, the conversation was the perfect intro to property investment, with Micolo asking all the right questions.

Throughout the hour chat, the topics ranged from what property investing is, to understanding tenancy agreements and making sure you're not exploited by landlords. There was also some advice shared on the best property investments to make, like student accommodation.

The overall message conveyed throughout the conversation was the importance of education and empowering young people to know that they have the power to create personal wealth and that property investment is the perfect way to do so.

"It was a fulfilling experience, discussing various ways the younger generation can get into property and I was humbled to be on a platform striving for the type of social change that we at Normette Homes believe in." Joshua Ebanks - Normette Homes CEO

For those of you who missed the IG Live, head to Elimu's Instagram Page and you can find the recorded versions there.


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